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“So as a substitute of caring for them for life, some irresponsible owners are dumping them and shifting the burden of care to caregivers ,” she added. On prime of abandoned pets, SPCA additionally receives forty to 60 rehoming requests every month, said Ms Sankar. When the welfare group comes throughout a lot of rabbits of the identical age and breed deserted at the identical time, this raises suspicions that they could have been deserted by an unauthorised breeder, she added. Unlike canine, it’s not compulsory to microchip pet rabbits in Singapore. This makes it onerous to determine whether the rabbits come from reliable stores or unauthorised breeders, mentioned Ms Tan.

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  • Researchers found antibodies in the blood of all eight cats examined, meaning they were doubtless contaminated.
  • The coronavirus pandemic noticed extra individuals working from home and now about 60% of households have a pet, the CMA mentioned.

New analysis signifies “substantial” rates of COVID-19 infections in pets whose house owners have contracted the coronavirus, HealthDay reviews. As reported in Smithsonian Magazine, the examine signifies …