Michelle Swader With Uw Health Answers Your Diet, Nutrition Questions

Healthy Diet

Fresh fruits and vegetables are natural sources of complex carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals which are essential for regular body functioning. Different vegetables and fruits comprise totally different vitamins and minerals. Therefore, all kinds of recent fruit and veggies overlaying the complete colour spectrum ought to be consumed.

Prebiotics and probiotics are typically referred to as “vitamin boosters.” Prebiotics are pure non-digestible food components that enhance gastrointestinal operate and calcium absorption . Prebiotic consumption can be elevated by consuming issues like asparagus, garlic, bananas and whole grain foods. If you don’t think you or your loved one is getting adequate minerals and nutrients from the meals you eat, see a registered dietitian, nurse practitioner or doctor to get a prescription for a multivitamin.

Don’T Eat Too Much Salt

In conclusion, this food plate guide will assist us to watch what we are eating and make more healthy decisions...

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