5 Medications To Lower Ldl Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol Medicine

I actually have been on and off statins of one type or another because the 1990’s. At one point, while off them, I started the Atkin’s Diet (lots of meat, fat, green veggies…however no carbs)…my cholesterol level went down considerably. Since 2000 I have been again on statins and suffered several bouts of muscle weak spot and pain, to the purpose that my arm appeared to take leave of the rest of my body. For the previous 10 years I’ve been plagued with swollen ft and ankles, seemingly one of the issues about residing in sizzling and humid FL. Most recently, my primary physician expressed concern in regards to the heart murmer that I’ve had for at least 65 years (I’m seventy one) and despatched me to a heart specialist.

Currently there isn’t any direct proof that taking folic...

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