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As the highest animal-interest journal in Singapore, Pets Magazine fulfils the interests of right now’s discerning pet homeowners through articles that inspire, enlighten, educate and entertain. As extra pet homeowners look to memorialize their furry relations, pet cremation companies have expanded over the last five years to a $668 million industry. In Canada, greater than 350,000 pets had pet health insurance, of which 265,000 had been canines. In the us, canines composed more than eighty p.c of insured pets.

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Although she received special exemption certificates for the now-banned breed, the owner, from Kent, cannot legally sell them and even give them away. From one cat proprietor to a different, there’s one thing to be said for beginning fresh each month — and that something is a house that does not stink. Pet parents may be fiercely divided, however experts aren’t — and so they have plenty of tips for more restful slumber.